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HWH Executive Consultant Limited (hereinafter referred to as HWH), on the respect of your personal data, so we have formulated a capital protection statement, and we use your personal data to comply with the relevant requirements of the "Personal Data Protection Law" of Taiwan. When you have read and agreed to the "HWH Executive Consultant Limited Personal Data Use Statement" , it means that you are willing to exercise the right of consent granted by law in the form of electronic files, and it has the effect of written consent. The following content is related to your rights and interests. Please read it carefully:
  1. When you provide your personal information (including name, gender, age, telephone and address and other information, hereinafter referred to as personal information), your personal information will be collected by us and protected by security, except after receiving your email to expressing other objections in writing, otherwise we will use the information you provide for clients management, data statistical investigation and analysis, information and HR database management, etc.
  2. You agree that HWH to contact you base on your personal information that you provided and send you notifications of events, services, electronic newsletters and other related matters.
  3. For you to understand this statement complies with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Law and relevant regulations, and has the effect of agreeing in writing that HWH may collect it and use your personal data in accordance with the content of this statement; HWH will strictly manage and protect your personal information.
  4. If you proactively provide personal data such as e-mail, name, phone, etc. on other web pages outside the HWH, such as message boards, communication areas, discussion areas, etc., then it is not within the scope of protection of personal data in this statement.
  5. You agree to participate in the shooting, photography, etc. of the HWH at exhibitions, conferences or events. All portrait rights belong to the HWH, and the HWH can use it of the free charge within the scope of non-infringement of personal rights and non-profit.
  6. If you deliberately provide false personal data and lead to errors, causing damage to others, then there is a relevant civil and criminal responsibility; if it also causes damage to the HWH, then you should be liable for compensation.
  7. You understand that you are free to choose whether to provide personal information. HWH and its related companies will respect your choice, but if you refuse to provide the above information, then HWH and its related companies have the right to decide whether to agree to hire or approved to participate in activities.