• Dispatch Human Resources for Projects
  • Interview Activity Assistant; Build Reward and Punishment System
  • Hiring and Firing Based on the Labour Standards Act

Whether it is a press conference, product launch, opening ceremony, forum, dinner, company group training or exhibition activity, etc., we can provide all kinds of manpower according to the needs of the event. We will figure out the content of the client’s activities, and plan a suitable job position and number of people, and always keep an eye on it for clients from the beginning of the interview. There will be a team to find the right staff. After that, our experienced general controller will carry out a vocational training and on-site management, making sure that the concept of the customer planning is 100% presented at the event site. We provide Chinese , English, and Japanese speakers, hosts, masters of ceremonies , dispatchers, cashiers, ticket sellers, mascots, showgirls, booth promoters, entourage secretaries, etc. We have everything you need. Contact us for more information.