2020 Food Taipei Mega Shows

Activity Location:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, Hall 1
Activity Time:2020/12/17-2020/12/20
The "Food Taipei Mega Shows" will be held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, for four days from December 17th to 20th. This series of exhibitions will bring together the "FOOD TAIPEI", "FOODTECH TAIPEI", "BIO/PHARMATECH TAIWAN", "TAIPEI PACK", "TAIWAN HORECA", and "HALAL TAIWAN". As the finale of Taiwan International Trade Shows at the end of 2020, the Food Taipei Mega Shows were rolled out smoothly despite the pandemic and will showcase the "food power" of Taiwan on a large scale. A total of 16 countries will be participating, including 13 national pavilions, 925 exhibitors, and occupying 1,880 booths. The Taipei International Food Show has been held for 30 years since its first exhibition in 1990. It has integrated manufacturing equipment and technologies across the years, and has now become the most diversified and internationalized food industry event in Taiwan.
HWH Group provides the organizer's manpower dispatch service. The role of our staff is to assist exhibitors in registering, domestic and foreign exhibitors and media to exchange badges, ticket sales, service desk consultation, inspection booth decoration and exhibition status. It is our principle to insist on doing the details well, and this food exhibition also ended successfully!