2020 TaiwanFishery (TIFSS)

Activity Location:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, Hall 1
Activity Time:2020/12/03-2020/12/05
The "Taiwan International Fisheries Show (TIFSS)" sponsored by the Foreign Trade Association and the Trade has entered the sixth fishery exhibition. The exhibition was moved north to Taipei for the first time. Due to the outbreak of the epidemic, it will be launched in December; this year, 90 exhibitors local and abroad have participated, with 136 booths, including manufacturers from Turkey, Japan, Indonesia, China, Pakistan, Turua, France and other countries. It is expected to attract more than 5,000 professionals to visit and purchase.

2020 "Taiwan International Fisheries Show (TIFSS)" exhibition is separated into several area, including "fishing tools and technology zone", "breeding zone", "aquatic products and processed products zone", "aquatic product processing equipment and technology zone", "fishing industry biotechnology zone" and "International Leisure Fishing Tackle Exhibition", etc.. To create a overall-procurement opportunity for the fishery industry, the exhibition brings industry, government, academia and both domestic and foreign index manufacturers together, such as Keelung City Government, Penghu County Government Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau, Pingtung County Marine and Fishery Affairs Management Institute, Taiwan Ocean University and the two giants of Taiwan’s fishing nets "Jinzhou Marine Technology" and "Qingfa Fishing Tackle",. On the other hand, well-known companies are included, such as: Fuchen, Zhiyang Technology, Yaotian Technology, Kuanwei Technology, Jiafeng Marine, Poseidon's underwater business, Kejian Aluminum Ship, Adeli Biotechnology, Dabang Protein, Lijia Green Energy and Dituo glasses, etc., had all attended the TIFSS exhibition.
HWH was responsible for the staff setting up destination boards, including the flow arrangement. Our staff mainly assists in the registration of exhibitors, giving certificates and the purchase of tickets for visitors, the consultation at the service desk, the inspection of booth decoration and exhibition status.