2021 The 9th Taipei International Comics & Animation Festival

Activity Location:TWTC Hall1
Activity Time:2021/2/4 ~ 2/8
The 9th Taipei International Comics & Animation Festival was held during 2/4 ~ 2/8. The Epidemic prevention has been fully upgraded, and the event was held as scheduled. The organizer offered 10 epidemic prevention measures, and fully engaged in epidemic prevention work during the exhibition. In addition to canceling the original opening event, the organizer fully implemented the real-name system for admissions, temperature measurement, hand alcohol disinfection, wearing masks throughout the process, and prohibiting eating and drinking throughout the venue. Strictly control the flow of people is also the main discipline. There are 6,000 people in the venue, which is limited to 1 entry and 1 entry. For the first time this year, the Comic Con is forbidden to buy signature qualifications or special products at night. Violators will be forced to leave if they were found lining up at night. Animation fans are still happy to visit the exhibition despite the difficult and strict epidemic prevention regulations. The peripheral products are abundant and have everything to satisfy animation fans.