Taiwan Anti-Epidemic Digi x Tech Solutions Online Biz Meeting

Activity Location:TICC 201 ABC
Activity Time:2020/11/20
The covid-19 had impact the global economic and trade order, reverses the existing pattern of globalization, and forces the industrial supply chain to regionalize and localize operations. After experiencing the SARS storm, Taiwan is fully experienced to face an unannounced epidemic at the end of 2019 and jumped onto the stage of successful epidemic prevention in the world. While been well known in global economy and trend, Taiwan’s economic growth rate in the third quarter of this year (2020) reached 3.33%, ranking up to the first place of the four Asian dragons at the cusp of the epidemic and the only country that has grown up; exports performed even better.
The Bureau of International Trade of the Ministry of Economic Affairs ask the Foreign Trade Association to hold the first part of the "Taiwan Technology Epidemic Prevention x Digital Epidemic Prevention" online procurement conference, targeting our medical equipment and consumables, detecting new coronavirus products, and producing machinery for epidemic prevention products. Besides, raw materials, medical services and protection, digital technology and smart medical and other advantageous industries are promoted. We invite global buyers to witness our medical, technology and epidemic prevention capabilities.
HWH was responsible for the staff setting up destination boards, including the flow arrangement. Our staff mainly assists in the registration of exhibitors, giving certificates and the purchase of tickets for visitors, the consultation at the service desk, the inspection of booth decoration and exhibition status.