2021 Taipei Game Show

Activity Location: Nangang Exhibition Hall
Activity Time:2021/1/28-1/30
The 2021 Taipei Game Show officially opened on 28 Jen. It’s not a large scale this year, due to the covid-19. Companies such as Sony, Microsoft, and Google Play are absent. In addition, in order to strengthen the precaution, the exhibition limited the number of people to 7000. There were both physical exhibitions and online virtual events, so the venue is only part of the entire Taipei Game Show. Based on experience in previous years, through online exhibitions, more players can be attracted than in previous years. 300 developers and game companies from more than 30 countries participated in the online and physical video game exhibition. It is one of the few successful large-scale events in the world. This year, it moved from the World Trade Center to the Nangang Exhibition Hall with a larger space. , In response to the epidemic prevention plan to increase the spacing between the booths, originally 900 booths was limited to only 500 entered booths.
HWH fully engaged and put lots of effort on planning precaution policies. Including guiding participants, measure temperature and scan the ID, we arranged core plan and tiny details from all point of view to offer best service and professional advises.