2023 High-Tech Factory Facilities VIP Dinner

Activity Location:Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2, 7th Floor, CD Hall
Activity Time:112/9/7
Event Positions: Registration Desk Personnel, Guiding Personnel, Access Control Personnel, Front Desk Staff, Responsive Team Members

Event Overview: In response to the changing dynamics of the global high-tech industry supply chain and to enhance the focus on the technical aspects of high-tech factory facilities, a group initiated by 40 founders, representing 72 organizations including high-tech factory owners, academic institutions, research units, architects, engineering consulting firms, construction companies, equipment and material suppliers, organized the "Taiwan High-Tech Factory Facilities Association" on December 17, 2021. They also jointly host the High-Tech Factory Facilities Forum annually during the SEMICON event. The VIP dinner, following the forum, is an event to which distinguished guests are invited.
This event was assisted by HWH Executive Consultant Limited in arranging the forum setup and executing the VIP dinner. The event was attended by up to 300 distinguished guests. In addition to the dinner setup, assistance was provided in changing and placing table cards, ensuring the smooth completion of the dinner program.