2023 2nd Financial Friendly Initiative Forum

Activity Location:Le Méridien Taipei, jade hall
Activity Time:112.10.03
Event position: stage assistant, registration personnel, guiding personnel, maneuvering personnel
Event overview:
The Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance, in collaboration with Taipei Fubon Bank, jointly organizes the '2023 2nd Financial Friendly Initiative Forum' and invites industry elites from both domestic and international backgrounds. Starting from the United Nations 'Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities' and the Financial Supervisory Commission's 'Principle of Fair Customer Service in the Financial Service Industry,' the forum aims to create a welcoming environment for financial services.
The forum is hosted by Mr. Lin Quanxing, Executive Vice President of KPMG Sustainability Consulting Company. The panelists include Ms. Tsai Huihan, Chief Executive Officer of the Singapore Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre; Ms. Wu Yiling, Executive Vice President of Taipei Fubon Bank; Ms. Wang Xiaolan, Deputy General Manager of Bank SinoPac; Ms. Liu Shufen, Deputy General Manager of Taishin Bank; and Mr. Liu Zongsheng, Chairman of Yuanta Investment Trust.
In contrast to the competitive financial landscape of the past, this forum breaks down the barriers among financial competitors. The panelists collaboratively analyze Taiwan's financial equal rights policies and vision, with a commitment to promoting the convenience and friendliness of financial services. This effort aims to realize fair customer treatment, inclusive finance, and jointly create Taiwan's financial warmth and strength!

Work content: assist with seat guiding, assist with registration, assist with stage activities and carrying item.