2023 Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition

Activity Location:Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1
Activity Time:112.09.14-16
Event position: maneuvering personnel, patrol staff, information desk staff, badge exchange operator, access control personnel, guiding personnel
Event overview:
On 9/14, the 2023 Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition has grandly held at Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1, attracted around 300 domestic and foreign businesses, institutions, academia and government-related institution from America, Britain, French, Singapore, Germany, Czech Republic, Türkiye, Lithuania, India and Taiwan, with nearly thousand stalls, exhibition scale has reached the new record.
This year’s exhibition focused on four major topics:’’ roaring in the sky’’, ‘’space exploring’’, ‘’Strengthening Defense’’ and ‘’Industrial Crossing’’. It showcases cutting-edge technologies, innovated products and manufacturing capability in the aerospace, space, defense, and unmanned systems industries. The exhibition highlights three key aspects of the defense and aerospace industry in Taiwan: transformation, innovation, and collaboration, creating opportunities for cooperation between the military and civilian sectors and demonstrating Taiwan's strong industrial capabilities in aerospace and defense.

Work content:
Exhibitors’ badge exchange and conference information consultation; assist guests with on-site registration, pre-check in, guiding guests.