HWH Group | A word from Teacher Huang


Many teachers say that it is difficult for current students to make them listen carefully. indeed so. The current information network is well-developed, and a lot of knowledge has been acquired at zero cost. In addition, there are many platform masters and internet celebrities are popular. These people have skill in various types of combat to please the audience.

       Although we know that good food is not necessarily healthy for the body, and those who can perform and talk are not necessarily well-studied and knowledgeable people, but those of us who are teachers, we still have to be forced to change and let students like and accept.

In the previous section of the national film, it was said that corrupt officials are very sneaky, but it is more treacherous to be an honest official who can to escape unscathed than a corrupt official. Therefore, it is always difficult to do the right thing and sensationalize.

       It’s not difficult to be a good teacher: but it’s hard to be a popular teacher. But in order to educate the next generation and make students willing to listen to the content of the lecture, I am willing to work hard for the students and be a good teacher with having skill in various types of combat.