HWH Group | A word from Teacher Huang


When I was teaching at the university, I liked teaching how to deliver resumes and interviews, because I could share a lot of ideas about finding jobs and take office, so that these excellent students should not be unsuccessful in job hunting because of wrong ideas and poor behavior. When writing a resume, there is a very important content: working experience. Because companies can often judge the job seeker’s practice attitude and values from his work experience, and even his ability or suitability to work in the company.

When recruiting talents in many companies, the following indicators are often used in work experience to determine whether this person can be recruited:

           often to change from one occupation to another:

Many young people like to try, or they change the work immediately when they encounter an unsatisfactory job, but they don't know that this movement has already laid a bad foreshadowing. Because most of jobs require time accumulation and training, there is almost no way to help the company create value immediately and effectively when a new person enters a job. On the contrary, most companies need to cultivate and educate. However, we now often see some young people leaving or changing the runway within a year, which often makes the company interpret it as unqualified or high risk of cultivation. In other words, a full-time work experience less than one year is equivalent to no experience. And it is very likely to be interpreted negatively in job hunting.

           Most of the work experience is irrelevant:

I believe that everyone has played RPG games. Many professions must accumulate experience points for a long time to upgrade themselves or upgrade their professions. Once changes a job , all experience points are often become zero or greatly reduced. This is also true in the real world. If your previous work experience and the after has no context and has little relevance, it is likely to be interpreted by the company as being indiscriminately, with limited ability, or even without planning, etc., this will also cause negative influence.

           Have unpleasant labor-employment relationship experience:
The workplace is not necessarily smooth. There are occasional conflicts at work, such as poor working environment, poor relationship with supervisors or colleagues, insufficient system or other unpleasant incidents. When things happen, many people will leave their jobs or leave unhappy. Such a result will have a bad impact on the company or its employees. In terms of enterprises, it may be necessary to spend more effort and cost to cultivate the next talent who can get started; and for employees, there are also certain risks. Therefore, many well-known companies often conduct credit checks when applying for you. The relationship between the company is not good, and the next company that applies for you will also dare not to use you because they are not sure that they can give you the so-called working environment that you like.

HWH is a company that provides multiple short-term jobs. The work content is all-encompassing, including office administrative assistants, ticketing staff, event staff, store personnel, etc. Many people will temporarily work part-time in our company before switching to the next runway. In the event, you can in addition to having income, and can meet a lot of people and see a lot of industries, and absorb some information and talk about other people's work in the work environment, so as to lay your own career plan.

Welcome everyone to work part-time in HWH group,Prepare to take off for your next job!