HWH Group | A word from Teacher Huang


In order to continuously expand exhibition industry to a level that can drive domestic industry, HWH has been trying to discover and nurture exhibition talents through industry-academic collaboration.

It’s our honor to have invited the presidents of China University of Technology and Minghsin University of Science and Technology, as well as faculty from Ming Chuan University, to visit the Taipei Smart City Expo, through observing students’ work at the exhibition, these institutions can have a better understanding and are further enhancing industry-academia collaboration.

To provide a high-quality work environment and to let student could adapt to the job, HWH always keep an eye on the students, and regularly invites schools to visit their students at work, ensuring both the school and students’ rights and interests are safeguarded. During the time discussing collaboration with school, HWH were also deeply admired by China University of Technology, Minghsin University of Science and Technology of their thoughtful consideration. To ensure all the students’ safety and provide them excellent intern environment, these institutions conducted repeated assessments of intern companies. Being recognized by these schools is indeed a remarkable achievement.

Currently there is lack of talent in the exhibition industry, fostering talent through exhibition industry-academia collaboration require collective effort from business, educational institutions and the government. We look forward to welcome institutions join us to the exhibition big family through collaboration to cultivate more exhibition professionals in the future.