HWH Group | A word from Teacher Huang


In late June, general manger Huang was invited to Department of Art Management and Art Brokerage, Shude University of Technology to discuss the importance and foresight of exhibition management with the students.

During the lecture, manager Huang keep encouraging students to gain workplace experiences during their study, by doing so, they can have a better understanding and adapt future work environment well before graduation. HWH has a long history of collaboration with educational institutions. Besides providing curriculum instruction, also they offer students workplace experience of exhibition activities and support talent development programs for exhibition professionals, this approach enable students to apply their knowledge that they learned to real work scenarios. General manager Huang believe that this collaboration is helpful for cultivating outstanding exhibition professionals with practical skills and innovative thinking.

During the course, manager Huang mention,’’ the exhibition industry is a versatile industry where you can apply what you learn.’’ This statement resonated with many students. Why is it possible to apply various disciplines in the exhibition industry? That's because regardless of whether you've studied economics, accounting, management, marketing, multimedia production, or theater management, all these fields have opportunities to contribute to the diverse and enriching exhibition industry.

The multifaceted exhibition industry welcomes students from various backgrounds. Students should not worry about whether their previous knowledge can be utilized in the field; instead, they can combine this knowledge to create additional value in exhibition activities. Shu-Te University's Arts Management Department offers a comprehensive and in-depth curriculum, and General Manager Huang was delighted to share the distinctive characteristics of the exhibition industry with the students. While delivering the lecture, he also aimed to guide more outstanding students to consider a career in the exhibition industry.