HWH Group | A word from Teacher Huang


Our big parent of HWH, General manager Huang, has again invited to ‘’High school vocational teachers symposium and tourism exhibition industry research and study’’, held by Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Lunghwa University of Science and Technology to give a speech. With his rich experience and profound professional knowledge, he gave a fascinating speech to the participants.

By analysis of well-known domestic and international exhibition cases and discussion on guiding technique, manager Huang deeply analyses the core elements of exhibition industry. He pointed out that outstanding exhibition professionals needs to possess outstanding planning and organization skills, international cooperation and expansion capability and professional language proficiency, as well as personal qualities such as optimism, strong ambition, and high emotional intelligence (EQ) and communication skills. These insights not only provided valuable teaching references for the attending high school teachers but also offered new perspectives on cultivating exhibition industry talent for all faculty members of Longhua University of Technology's Applied Foreign Languages Department present at the event.

This symposium and seminar received enthusiastic responses from high school teachers. Those in attendance expressed that the seminar was highly beneficial, and they looked forward to linking high school and university curricula to jointly foster more practical exhibition professionals. They hoped that such educational linkage would bring more exhibition practical experience to the high school level and allow high school students to understand and acquire the necessary skills for the exhibition industry at an earlier stage.

General Manager Huang's presentation provided new perspectives and inspirations for talent development in the exhibition industry and expressed a desire for future collaboration with more educational institutions to jointly cultivate exhibition professionals of international caliber, injecting continuous new vitality into the development of the exhibition industry.