HWH Group | A word from Teacher Huang


To further align the exhibition and convention industry with the world, many industry players have begun to cultivate and seek students with innovative thinking and practical capabilities to join the exhibition sector. In early August, Mr. Lin Yi-Nan, Chairman of the Private Schools Retirement Fund Foundation, along with the General Manager and administrative managers of HWH, and industry experts, visited the President and teachers of Jingwen University of Science and Technology. Together, they aimed to promote a collaborative model between academia and the exhibition industry.

Through this exchange, Jingwen University of Science and Technology gained a better understanding of the needs of the exhibition sector, which will help them plan the curriculum for their students and expand their perspective on the exhibition industry chain. During the event, the General Manager of HWH and the administrative managers shared their insights into the exhibition field, introducing the latest trends and future developments in the exhibition industry. This interaction allowed Jingwen University of Science and Technology to gain a deeper understanding of the exhibition industry's ecosystem.

Through collaboration with Jingwen University of Science and Technology, it is believed that the university will gradually establish a more comprehensive nurturing system, enabling students to get involved in exhibitions and events during their academic years, enhancing their industry awareness and learning.