HWH Group | A word from Teacher Huang


The days of our interns are just slipping away, in a blink of an eye, the internship period for students of Kaosiung University of Hospitality and Tourism has come to an end!

In this special day, despite a full day of meeting, General manager still insist on returning to the company to offer our interns final blessing and encouragement, shows the General Manager's commitment and dedication to our interns.

A year may seem long or short, depending on how you look at it. During this time, the interns have left a deep impression on us with their performance, whether it's their collaboration with colleagues or their efficiency in handling various tasks. We believe that this experience has not only added a shining achievement to your life's resume but has also hidden numerous precious memories.

Thank you for becoming a part of the HWH family! After the internship, you will leave with a solid foundation in talent training and the company's best wishes, heading towards a bright new future!

HWH wishes you all the best, and may your future be filled with success and prosperity.