2020 Shu-Te University vs HWH Group Industry–Academia Collaboration Contract Signing Press Conference


At a time when the world is suffering from the epidemic, Taiwan’s good results in epidemic prevention are obvious to all, and business activities related to exhibitions are gradually recovering. However, at the time of recovery, the topic of talent cultivation will once again be brought to the table. Almost all colleges and universities in Taiwan have popular industry departments such as the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Business Administration, but there are very few schools planning to have a department of MICE. “MICE” industry includes Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions.  This industry has always been a key part of the government's planning, and local governments have also made great efforts to build exhibition halls, and look forward to using exhibitions to drive the local economy. But the paradox is that although the government vigorously promotes MICE industry, it may not keep up with the development of manpower. In view of this, HWH Group, which has 16 years of convention and exhibition execution experience and undertakes multiple index exhibitions every year, actively invests in convention and exhibition education, and also seeks industry-academia collaboration with various universities and colleges. The educational effect of Shu-Te University is highly recognized by the industry. The school is also one of the first schools to devote itself to exhibition education. While insisting on providing students with the best education, it also takes into account the rights of students for internships. It is a reason for cultivating talents. As the previous topic, a good school to protect students. Huang Wei-hao, the general manager of HWH Group, stated that he valued the dedication of the Shu-De University in addition to the investment in exhibition education. For the students in the exhibition internship, it still adheres to the concept of guaranteeing internship income, and the company strongly advocates not to use internship as a reason to damage students’ benefits. The purpose of the students' internships coincides with each other. The general manager of HWH Group, Huang Wei-Hao, said that in all industry-university cooperation, the labor income provided to intern students is completely compliant with the Labor Standards Law, and some internship positions are paid to intern students at higher salaries than the Labor Standards Law. Because of the speculative behavior of hiring internships at a low price, he especially chose to cooperate with Shu-de University in industry and academia. This industry-academia collaboration between Shu-De University and HWH Group will conduct internships for students planning large-scale exhibitions and conferences in Kaohsiung, allowing students to learn by doing and experience the charm of the exhibition industry, thereby joining the ranks of the exhibition industry. It is also hoped that through such an industry-academic cooperation project, more schools will pay attention to the cultivation of exhibition talents, and work together to cultivate exhibition talents.